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Assess your needs, think about how you will live in your space, and what about your current space works and does not work. Utilize home design websites and periodicals to collect photos that will help you and your Kitchen & Bath Designer define your style.

This really depends on the size of the job and what you are replacing. Kitchens are like most anything else that you purchase: the costs are entirely dependent on the price of the materials chosen and the complexity of the job. An industry rule of thumb is to consider 10-20% of the house’s market value when estimating a kitchen remodel. It is good to keep in mind that a remodeled kitchen is an investment that will increase the value of your home. We offer cabinetry at many different price levels to fit your budget and give you the best design within that budget.


Again, this depends on the scope of work to be done. A small job will take less time to complete; larger or more complex jobs take more time. There are three phases to the complete project.

Phase One: The Design Phase. We are capable of moving very quickly through the Design Phase. In some cases, clients will take from several weeks to several months to make final decisions on the style and the finish of their cabinetry. In addition to the cabinet choices, decisions on countertops, appliances, back splashes, and flooring also need to be made. Once those decisions have been made, we can order the cabinets and phase two begins.

Phase Two: Cabinet Lead Time. Lead time varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but typically takes approximately 4-12 weeks to be delivered.

Phase Three: Job Completion Stage. From the start of the demolition, through renovation, to a fully working kitchen is typically 6 weeks. Times will vary based on the complexity of the job, and your designer will be able to give you a more specific time frame based on your job requirements.

Yes! No job it too big or too small. We handle bathrooms, offices, laundry rooms and any other place you’d like to put cabinets. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life!

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